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Karrin Hanshew [Ph.D. History, University of Chicago] enjoys teaching in the broader field of modern European history with an emphasis on modern Germany and post-1945 memory and reconstruction. Karrin’s research interests in social movements, the politics of resistance and transnational alliances reflect her particular commitment to the field of contemporary history. Since coming to MSU, Karrin has taught HST 392 “History of the Holocaust” every spring as well as a number of 400-level seminars on Nazi Germany and postwar memory. Karrin’s first book, Terror and Democracy in West Germany (Cambridge University Press, 2012), investigated West German efforts to contain terrorism in the 1970s. Her current project brings together a number of different research strands—tourism, food, migration, international diplomacy, and politics of the right, left, and center—to reveal Italy’s particular importance for Germany’s moral and psychological re-founding as well as its political and economic reconstruction after World War Two and Nazism.


CAMPUS ADDRESS: 331 Old Horticulture
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EMAIL: hanshew@msu.edu

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