Recommended internships in Israel:

BAR ILAN UNIVERSITY INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS SUMMER PROGRAM- Come join our MBA students for an intensive summer semester at Bar-Ilan University’s Graduate School of Business. Study business with students from all over the world and make lifetime connections. In addition, the program includes enrichment workshops and field trips to startups. For more information visit:

BIRTHRIGHT ISRAEL EXCEL- A 10- week summer internship in Israel open to Jewish North American university sophomores, juniors, and select seniors. 
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HEBREW UNIVERSITY INTERNSHIP PROGRAM- We offer courses and programs in a variety of fields, with a focus on social and political sciences, Israel and the Middle East, languages, religion, fine and performing arts, business and legal studies, and STEM.
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JINTERNSHIP- jInternship starts with the premise that you want to come to Israel for two reasons: 
1. To land a great international internship.
2. Because you’re Jewish. You are not choosing to go to Brussels, London or Tokyo; you are choosing to go to Israel.
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ONWARD ISRAEL– When you grow, so do your opportunities. Global experience gives you that extra competitive edge. Our programs take you Onward – personally and professionally – and allow you an authentic taste of modern day Israel while gaining experience and knowledge through an internship opportunity. Onward Israel is designed with the beginning in mind: The beginning of your success story. Start up your future in Israel. For more information visit:

POLIN MUSEUM- POLIN Museum is pleased to announce internship opportunities at POLIN Museum. The Foundation for the Preservation of the History of the Jewish People in the Pale of Settlement is supporting two annual internships over a five year period, that began in 2017. Interns will spend eight weeks at POLIN Museum working on specific projects related to their qualifications and interests and to opportunities at POLIN Museum. For more information visit:

TAMID GROUP- Produced in partnership with Onward Israel, the TAMID Group Fellowship is a competitive, 8-week summer internship program that provides outstanding TAMID Group leaders with the opportunity to work with host companies in Israel while living in Tel Aviv. Only active members of a TAMID chapter are eligible to apply for the Fellowship.
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TEL AVIV UNIVERSITY SUMMER INTERNSHIP PROGRAM- In the current competitive global environment, understanding cultural business practices is an investment for your future. Tel Aviv University International invites you to immerse yourself in our excellent academic program while you intern in Tel Aviv, labeled the “World’s Smartest City”.
Tel Aviv University’s internship program is tailored to your academic field and professional interests, while you study and explore life in Israel.
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