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Safoi Babana-Hampton [Ph.D. Modern French, U. of Maryland] is an Associate Professor who teaches Francophone literatures and cultures in French, Classics, and Romance Languages. She has published Réflexions littéraires sur l’espace public marocain dans l’uvre d’Abdellatif Laâbi (2008) on the literary work of Moroccan writer Abdellatif Laabi, founder of the New Moroccan literature and advocate of cultural renewal in the 1960s. Her interests include contemporary Judeo-Maghrebi literatures, Beur (Franco-Maghrebi) literature and the relations between Maghrebi literatures and the other arts. She is working on a new study about perceptions of citizenship in the literary and autobiographical narratives by Maghrebi and Franco-Maghrebi women writers, across class, culture, and religious differences.

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PHONE: 517-884-6311

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