UGS 200H (3 credits): Honors Research Seminar – History and Testimony in the Digital Age: Studying the Holocaust, Steve Weiland, Lynn Wolff, and Deborah Margolis

Sec 015-Th, 2:00-3:20 pm,
This Honors College Seminar will offer participants an opportunity to work in a unique digital resource for studying the Holocaust. They will have access to the extraordinary USC Shoah Visual History Archive via the MSU Library. Working individually and in small groups with MSU faculty from several departments and meeting in the seminar format, students will explore these questions: 1) What can be learned about the Holocaust and anti-Semitism from the perspective of those who survived to tell their stories? 2) What are the best methods for learning from testimony as a form of historical evidence? And 3) How can the evidence of testimony best be incorporated into Holocaust research and presented, including the uses of digital resources? The focus will be on capitalizing on digital resources in doing research in a domain of inquiry with profound historical and personal meanings. And students can learn about the uses of digital multi-media presentations in their academic work beyond the Seminar itself.